Conservation Department

 Outdoor Days The Ozarks
Branson, Missouri

2017 Dates and Times; 
Activities, Programs, Display Interaction, Demonstrations, Musical Entertainment, Shows, & More:

  • Saturday, September 9th 10 AM - 4 PM  

  • Sunday, September 10th 10 AM - 2 PM 

Branson, MO 65616

Table Rock Lake State Park; 5272 MO-165 (Saturday and Sunday)
US Army Corps of Engineers Dewey Short Visitor Center; 4500 MO-165 (Saturday and Sunday)
Missouri Department of Conservation Shepherd of The Hills Hatchery; 483 Hatchery Road (Saturday)


Overnight Venue Camping will be available Friday and Saturday Nights to a limited number of individuals, families, and groups!
REGISTRATION REQUIRED - Camping accomodation prices range from $13 basic sites to $28 electric/water sites.

Over 1,500 overnight campers pre-registered and were present for the 2016 Ozarks Outdoor Days at Table Rock Lake event.  
This unique opportunity offered weekend camping on MO State Park and U.S. Army Corps Table Rock Lake properties near the event venue.
Overnight campers enjoyed additional after hours programs and outdoor evening experiences throughout
 the weekend including projection movies under the stars, bonfire powwow ceremonies, musical entertainment, shows, and more! 

Along with our overnight campers, more than 11,000 additional participants attended the 2016 Ozarks Outdoor Days event weekend!  

Sponsor Partner Organizations:

Beneficiary Conservation Partner Organizations:

The 2015 Ozarks Outdoor Days Event Venue spanned across 7 Designated Activity Areas throughout land belonging to our Partner Organizations of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Missouri State Parks, and the Missouri Department of Conservation-Shepherd of the Hills Hatchery.  
weekend was full of an abundance of outdoor exploration opportunities and we sincerely thank all of our partners for making it possible!     

In celebration of the Great Outdoors, we invite you to join us for a weekend dedicated to the exhilarating World of Outdoor Recreation in The Ozarks!

This weekend event is filled with outdoor exploration and fun activities for all to enjoy; whether you are a seasoned weekend warrior or looking to try something new, we will have a wide variety of recreational options through programs and adventures for all ages, backgrounds, fitness levels, and areas of interest!

Our Natural Resource and Wildlife Conservation Partners will spotlight outdoor education and learning opportunities through FREE outdoor skill programs, activities, and adventures including:

  • Pontoon & Boat Rides                                                                                                                         
  • Canoeing, Kayaking, & Paddle-boarding
  • Fishing, Fly Fishing, & Casting
  • Hiking and Trail Biking Experiences
  • Archery, Sling Shot, and Air Rifle Ranges
  • Agility, Herding, Retriever, and Dive Dog Demonstrations
  • Live Animal Shows
  • Aquariums with Bass Tub Fishing Technique Shows
  • Rock Climbing
  • Petting Zoo and Pony Rides
  • Musical Entertainment

Click here to learn more about IHeartRadio's "Road Trip Summer" and enter to win an inclusive camping package!

Sponsored by Bass Pro Shops



Outdoor Adventure Villages

Boy Scout, Girl Scout, Venture Crew, &Royal Ranger Village
Conservation &Outdoor Initiative Village
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Water Safety Village
Water Quality Natural Resource Village
Wonders of Wildlife Museum & Aquarium

4-H, 4-H Shooting Sports, & 4-H Western Heritage Village
Off Road Camping Club Outdoor Skills Village
Outdoor Adventure Resident Camp Village
Fishing &Fly Fishing Village
Bass Pro Shops Camping Village
Native American Culture & Primitive Skills Village
Retriever & Dive Dog Demonstration Village
Pre-1840's Mountain Man Rendezvous Primitive Skills Village


Boy Scout, Girl Scout, Venture Crew, & Royal Ranger Village


Boy Scouts of America

Come join members of the Ozark Trails Council Boy Scouts of America to learn about patrol camping, race pinewood derby cars, and balance your way across their monkey bridge!

Compete in a BSA Free-of-Charge Orienteering Obstacle Course Event on Saturday;
Open to Public Participants and No Registration is Necessary!


Girl Scouts of America

Members of the area Girl Scouts of the Missouri Heartland troops will be on-site in this village hosting a number of activities including;
Geo-CachingLetter BoxingMarshmallow CannonsKnot TyingAmazing StructuresEdible FiresBubble-Ology and More!

Compete in a GSA Free of Charge Geo-Caching Obstacle Course Event on Saturday;
Open to Public Participants and No Registration is Necessary!


Boy Scouts of America Venturing

The Ozark Trails Council's Boy Scouts of America Venturing Crew 1971 sponsored by Bass Pro Shops invites you to join them at the Table Rock Lake Outdoor Days for a weekend filled with fun and adventure in the great outdoors!

This conservation outdoor adventure group welcomes both boys and girls over the age of 13 to participate with them in backpacking, hiking, biking, canoeing, outdoor photography and more.

Over the weekend, Venturing Crew 1971 will be camping, demonstrating many of their outdoor skills including outdoor cooking and fire making, and sharing their gear with event participants!
Pull up a chair in the Venture Crew Village and plan to sit, relax, munch on some Bass Pro Shops Trail Mix and Beef Jerky, and enjoy the stories of these adventure seekers!


We are now accepting new members to join us in 2017!
Venture Crew 1971 is seeking to recruit individuals 13 and over who have a passion for the conservation of our wildlife and natural resources and have a desire to pursue exciting group opportunities through outdoor adventures together!

Join us at the Bass Pro Shops Outdoor Days 2016 and find out how you could be part of the Venturing Crew's next adventure!

Royal Rangers

Air Rifle Shooting Sports will be hosted within the Royal Ranger activity camp with the use of inflatable ranges!
Click the Daisy Outdoor Products Logo to view a photo of and learn more about the Inflatable BB Gun

Click the Daisy Logo to view additional products and learn more about this exceptional brand!

The Royal Rangers will also have a low ropes challenge obstacle course constructed and specially designed for participants to enjoy during the Outdoor Days event weekend!


Conservation & Outdoor Initiative Village

Visit the U S Army Corps of Engineers Project Office Area where the Missouri Master Naturalists, the Missouri Master Gardeners, a Missouri Plateau Grotto Group, and the Missouri Bat Census will be hosting an awareness and outdoor exploration destination, complete with demonstrations and activities for all to enjoy!

  • Join the Missouri Master Naturalists in programs that promote their conservation efforts and natural resource education goals. Learn how you can become a Master Naturalist Conservation Steward in your community!
    Participate in programs that will include visits from live slithering snakes and beautiful butterflies and learn about all of the natural resources that can be found at Table Rock Lake.

    Click the logo to learn more about the Missouri Master Naturalists.

  • Meet the Missouri Master Gardeners and learn how native plants and flowers are cared for and maintained throughout the year on the grounds of the Table Rock Lake U S Army Corps land and be prepared to be enticed to participate in many more fun and interactive gardening oriented activities.  Speak to and receive gardening tips from expert individuals who have in depth horticultural training and also learn how you can promote awareness through environmental education in your area!
    Click the logo to learn more about the Missouri Master Gardeners.

  • Visit with the Springfield Plateau Grotto group and learn why the conservation of the cave environment is so important here in the Ozarks and across the country. Gain the basic information to share with friends about the types of bats who use the caves in our area as their homes including the Federal Endangered Gray Bats, the Big & Little Brown Bats, and Tri-Colored Bats! Interact with live animals and insects that dwell in caves including cave crickets, spiders, centipedes, and millipedes! View exploring equipment and learn how the individuals within this conservation group survey and help maintain the management of caves in Branson! 
    Click the logo to learn more about the Springfield Plateau Grotto.   

  • Accompany the Missouri Bat Census in educational programs and learn how this group of bat and ecological conservation minded cavers, educators, biologists, and students conduct and maintain a data base inventory of bats and species diversity in Missouri caves which in turn helps to protect an irreplacable natural resource.
    Click the logo to learn more about the Missouri Bat Census.


Safe Kids Missouri & Stone, Taney, & Greene County Safety Organizations

The Safe Kids Worldwide Missouri division will be in attendance with many fun activities for children to enjoy.  
Safe Kids MO is led by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, and during Outdoor Days at Table Rock Lake their dedicated and caring staff will be providing information to parents and caregivers on how to prevent childhood injuries; unintentional injuries are the number one cause of death to children in the United States.
Click the logo to learn more about Safe Kids Missouri.

The Stone, Taney, & Greene County Safety Departments will have a fun and interactive area where you can have the opportunity to explore many of the vehicles they use to keep us safe including firetrucks, police cars, and ambulances.

The National Weather Service will be on location to keep a close watch on the weather around the venue!

CAMO the Conservation Camouflage Clown

Join your friend "CAMO" as he clowns around throughout his Outdoor Education & Conservation Initiative Area!
Shows, Programs, and Storytelling are just some of the excitement that surrounds this fun and interactive area overflowing with "Conservation Critters" and more!  
"CAMO" is a talented entertainer who can imitate over 50 animal sounds as he promotes his love of the great outdoors to all ages by providing recreational adventures and an astounding ability to perform and captivate audiences of all ages and interests!

Check here often for updates pertaining to Show-times & Program Schedules and remember what "CAMO" says;
"Get Outdoors with your family during Outdoor Days and receive the chance to win some free fishing giveaways"!


Springfield-Greene County Park Board

The Springfield-Greene County Park Board has an entire division dedicated to the fun and exciting world of outdoor adventure and they invite you to join them on a journey in the great outdoors during the weekend of Outdoor Days at Table Rock Lake. 
Click the logo above to learn of more outdoor opportunities through this outdoor initiative partner! 

Join certified educators and instructors during the weekend of Bass Pro Shops Ozarks Outdoor Days for FREE canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and water safety demonstrations on the lake!
The Outdoor Initiative Village will be located on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Table Rock Lake Project Office Courtesy Dock.

In partnership with the Safe Kids Coalition and the Springfield-Greene County Park Board,
the following free activities and demonstrations will be available.

FREE Canoe and Water Safety Demonstrations

FREE Kayak and Water Safety Demonstrations
FREE SUP/Paddle Boarding and Water Safety Demonstrations

Must be 7 years of age or older to participate in the Springfield-Greene County Outdoor Initiatives activities and demonstration programs.
An adult must be present for youth between the ages of  7 and 18 to participate.

Instructors and water safety staff will be on site to assist all participants.  


Canoe Sprint Races
2017 Date:
Fee: $20 per team of 2, ages 16-adult
Registration: TBA
Race Start: TBA 

Kayak Races
2017 Date:
Fee: $15 per person
Registration: TBA
Race Start: TBA 

Come participate with us as a competitive athlete or a cheering spectator!

For More Information Contact: Justin Smith, Springfield-Greene County Supervisor of Outdoor Initiatives

Prizes will be given to the top three finishers in both the canoe and kayak races.
• First Place: $100 BPS Gift Card
• Second Place: $50 BPS Gift Card
• Third Place: $25 BPS Gift Card

One fortunate competitor will win a free top of the line Ascend brand kayak!

Sponsored by Bass Pro Shops



The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Water Safety Village

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


Join the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Park Rangers and Volunteer Staff to learn more about Table Rock Lake, the uniqueness of its dam,
and how to safely enjoy visits to all of your recreational water destinations!

The Corps of Engineers will be providing educational demonstrations and presentations on hydroelectricity and how Table Rock Lake Dam produces energy.

"Bobber Dog" will be visiting Outdoor Days at Table Rock Lake with Life Jacket Awareness & Water Safety Programs!  
Join "Bobber" for fun activities and earn great giveaways including temporary tattoos! 
Click here or on Bobber to visit the Water Safety Dog's Website!


Click here to learn more about how you can practice water safety skills and promote awareness of the
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers mission!


Water Quality Natural Resource Village 


Water Quality Groups of Missouri will come together to create an interactive village for participants to learn why the conservation effort of cultivating and sustaining one of our most important natural resources is an essential effort!

Water Quality Organizations will include:



Join the Missouri Stream Team Watershed Coalition for the "Swimming in Moonshine" race event during Bass Pro Shops Ozarks Outdoor Days 2017!

Check In & Packet Pick Up: 
Race Time: 

This is Southwest Missouri's ONLY open water swim event.  
The race is held in Table Rock Lake which is rated one of the regions cleanest lakes and located in vacation destination Branson, MO.
This is a perfect spot to hit the water for a short or long swim and test your ability and endurance in the open water. 
Contact Holly Neill for more information and registration: 

Click the logo above to learn more about this event and how you can participate as an athletic competitor, volunteer, or cheer on the participants!

Sponsored by Bass Pro Shops


Wonders of Wildlife Museum & Aquarium

Wonders of Wildlife Museum & Aquarium



Enjoy FREE activities at the Missouri Table Rock State Park Activity Area.  2015 Ozarks Outdoor Days included a bounce house and inflatable obstacle course, carnival style hi-striker, archery, air soft rifle and sling shot ranges, kayak pool, and "Mining for Wonders" hosted by Wonders of Wildlife Museum & Aquarium in partnership with:


Explore through learning in America's Wildlife Museum & Aquarium Village with W.O.W. School Educators, W.O.L.F. School Students, and Partner Organizational Experts while enjoying the great outdoors!

Observe and identify animal tracks and furs, see and touch cool and exciting artifacts, interact with a variety of live animals including fish, reptiles, mammals, and more!

Visit with America's Wildlife Museum & Aquarium Staff at the event to learn how you are invited in the national celebration of National Hunting and Fishing Day; Saturday, September 26th, 2015!

There are over 24 million hunters and anglers in the United States purchasing hunting and fishing licenses.  These individuals pay a special excise tax on firearm ammunition, bow and arrows, and rods and reels which generates over $100,000 every 30 minutes for the conservation of our nation's wildlife and natural resources!






4-H, 4-H Shooting Sports, & 4-H Western Heritage Village

4-H & 4-H Western Heritage

Join the youth and their leaders from the Missouri 4-H Chapter for fun and interactive experiences in their 2015 Outdoor Days Village!

Visit the 4-H Western Heritage Cowboys who will be demonstrating action and steel plate shooting and steer roping; while you're there you can drop in on hunting and outdoor skills classes where you can practice compass and scope skills and also take a lesson in wildlife identification to learn how to identify tracks and furs.

4-H Shooting Sports representatives will be hosting Air Rifle and Air Pistol Shooting Ranges where you can test your skills with 3D Targets and learn hunting disciplines from the professionals!

You won't want to miss the agility and herding dog demonstrations along with the 4-H Petting Zoo where you'll find animals such as rabbits, hens, goats, piglets and more to visit and also Pony Rides to enjoy.

The 4-H Drill Team will be joining us this year with shows and programs that will entertain by spotlighting their sportsmanship, horsemanship, team work, and dedication!

Groves View Dairy will be part of this active village; they will have milking demonstrations along with cows and calves to touch and see!

Stop by this village to enjoyHiland Dairy Foods samples such as chocolate milk and fruity yogurts!

Don't move to the next village just yet, you'll want to check out the make and take fly tackle activities with the 4-H Sportsfishing members and also try your hand at Frisbee Golf where you can take home a FREE 4-H Mini-Frisbee if you score; sponsored by Bass
 Pro Shops


Progressive Bike Ramps will be joining the MO State Parks Trail Head Activity Area, 
offering two ramps for participants to experience!

Click the logo above to learn more!


Off-Road Camping Club Outdoor Skills Village

Off Road Camping Club

Click on the logo above to learn more about ORCC and view more details on what their
Bass Pro Shops Outdoor Days at Table Rock Lake Village will offer!

The Off-Road Camping Club is dedicated to the pursuit of amateur outdoor activities of all types and skill levels.
Visit the ORCC Village where recreational vehicles and adventure camping manufactures’ products will be on display, offering you a chance to explore everything you would need to be self-sufficient, comfortable, and connected in the wilderness.




  • The Backside Tents & Camping Gear        

  •  DRI-Duck Outdoor

  • Cherne
  • Eezi Awn Vehicle Expedition Tents 

  • Garvin Wilderness Products    

  • Lock N Roll Trailer Hitches 

  • Engel       
  • Katadyn

  • Campfire In A Can       
  • Hi-Lift 

  • Adventure Medical Kits 
  •  Kamp-Rite Tent Cots      

  • Hardened Power Systems   
  • Partner Steel 

  • Optima Batteries    

  • Amana
  • Phoenix Pop Up Campers  

  • Blue Sea Systems         
  • Superwinch 

  • VIAIR     
  • Raingler     
  • Tentrax Off Road Tent Trailers                                


  • King Canopy  

  • ZODI        
  • Wavian  

  • Roto Pax  

  • Wearwell Shower Floor Systems

  • Ladder Guy 

  • PolyTuf Tarps

  • Wilson Electronics

  • Toshiba, RAM

  • KWJ Engineering

  • Travel Chair
  • Thermos & Ronnoco   


  • Electro Warmth 12 V Bunk Warmers

  • VOLT

  • Manchester Aluminum Propane Tanks

  • SafeGloWhips                                  
  • Popup Gizmos 
  • Alpine Aire Foods 

  • Super Jiggler 

  • National Luna Lighting

  • CAMO System

  • Life Support Survival Gear
  • Global Expedition  



Register for your chance to win an "ORCC Tent-N-Gear" Package and a "GEAR N' TENT" Package!
Drawings will be at 3:00 PM on Saturday and 1:00 PM on Sunday.
Note: You will need to be present when the winners are announced to receive your gear; if you are not present at time of drawing, we will pull another ticket and give someone else the chance to be the winner!


Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club will be setting up a base station on-site and broadcasting throughout the weekend.

Click the logo to learn more about SW MO Amateur Radio Club and learn how you can become a HAM!

Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club is a member of ARRL National Association for AMATEUR RADIO.

Click here to learn more about this national association and find 2015 Hamfests in a city near you!

Outdoor Adventure Resident Camp Village

Ozark Reginol YMCA Camp Wakonda

The Ozark Regional YMCA's Camp Wakonda Village will offer rock wall climbing, bounce houses, gaga ball games, bracelet making, and more; a taste of what summer resident camp fun includes!  

 Click the logo above to learn more about the exciting opportunities that are available at Camp Wakonda! 



Fishing & Fly Fishing Village
Saturday Only

Missouri Department of Conservation

Enjoy the great outdoors with the Missouri Department of Conservation and their fishing pros.  MDC will be offering free fishing opportunities and fishing lessons by utilizing their newly constructed and fully stocked fishing pond.
The Missouri Department of Conservation will also have opportunities for participants to practice air rifle range shooting with guidance and tips from their experts!

In addition, this year at Outdoor Days Table Rock Lake, the MDC Village will host an MU Student Carp Project Area with great samples and more!


Shepherd of the Hills Hatchery will offer opportunities for guided tours of the Fish Hatcheries at Table Rock Lake's Historic Dam Site!

Click here to learn more about MDC's Table Rock Lake Shepherd of the Hills Hatchery and plan to visit during Outdoor Days to see the largest Trout Fish in the Ozarks!


Bass Pro Shops

Visit this village for tips from the Bass Pro Shops fly fishing professionals and vendors!  
This fun village will be located on the Missouri Department of Conservation Land near the Shepherd of the Hills Hatchery.  Drive down Hatchery Road to the Table Rock Lake Outlet and enjoy an area many describe as a picturesque and perfect place to "get hooked on fly fishing"!

The Redington, Sage, and RIO interactive fly fishing trailer will be visiting with all of their latest equipment to explore!

Click the logos below to visit these Fly Fishing Bass Pro Shops Vendor Sites and plan to visit this village during Outdoor Days at Table Rock for fly fishing and casting opportunities
and a chance to win a Bass Pro Shops fly fishing package!

Redington           Sage   

RIO         Bass Pro Shops 





Bass Pro Shops Camping Village

Bass Pro Shops

Come to the Bass Pro Shops Camping Village where we epitomize everything in outdoor adventure!
Tour the latest in camping gear and learn about new outdoor products and skills to help you in your own personal outdoor adventures.
We will have approximately 24 vendor villages within our Bass Pro Shops Camping Village, so that means you will not only be able to speak to our Bass Pro Shops experts, but also a multitude of representatives from top outdoor camping manufacturers such as Coleman, North Face, GoPro, and Lodge to give you tips on making your camping experiences the best they can be.
Whether you’re a first time camper or a veteran, like to camp alone, with 1 or 2 people or with an entire clan, you’ll see a complete line of camping equipment from single person tents to tent ‘condos’ and all the gear in-between that you would need for your outdoor adventures.  Start your weekend adventure at the Bass Pro Shops Camping Village by registering for your chance to win a camping gear package!


 Bass Pro Shops Camping Village Vendors:

  • Bass Pro Shops* - Ascend tents and kayaks along with Bass Pro Shops brand cots, camp kitchens, lanterns and more; kayak pool.
    Bass Pro Shops   
     Ascend Camping

  • Lodge Cast Iron Cookware* - Cast iron cookware and cooking demos with free samples!
    Lodge Cast Iron Cookware

  • Sawyer Products - First aid gear including insect repellent and personal water filtration systems.

  • The North Face - Tents, sleeping bags, and apparel.
    North Face

  • Bounty Hunter* - Metal detector demos and activities; meet some of the stars of Dig Wars!
    Bounty Hunter

  • McNett/Gear Aid - Water filters, and many more camping products.

    Gear Aid

  • Stansport* - Stoves and lanterns; gold panning demos and activity!

  • Camp Chef - Camp stoves, ovens and their accessories.
    Camp Chef
  • Cascade Designs - Backpack stoves, air mats, cots, and water filters.
    Cascade Designs
  • Adventure Medical - First aid kits.
    Adventure Medical
  • LED Lenser -Flashlights and headlamps.
  • JETBOIL - Backpack stoves.
  • Eagles Nest Outfitters - Camping hammocks.
    Eagles Nest Outfitters
  • O2 Cool - Fans and misters.
  • Kodiak Canvas - Tents.
    Kodiak Canvas
  • Nature's Kettle - Coffee kettles.
    Nature's Kettle
  • Coleman - Tents and camping equipment.
  • Kelty - Tents, backpacks, and sleeping bags.
  • Emberlit - Cook stoves and kits.
  • BioLite* - Thermal Electric Stoves; Toyota Dyna Japanese Fire Truck with free s' mores!

  • GoPro - Outdoor Adventure Cameras.
  • Oz - Tents and camping equipment.
    Oz Tent


All of our Bass Pro Camping Vendor Areas will have expert representatives to demonstrate the use of their products and answer your questions!

Bass Pro Shops Camping Village Vendor Activity Areas*:

  • Bass Pro Shops - Be sure to check out the Ascend kayak demo pool where you can watch the professionals give kayak and floatation vest demonstrations along with the opportunity for you to personally test out the newest Ascend kayaks and paddles!
    Visit the Bass Pro Shops corporate pros at the Pavilion on Moonshine Beach where they will be offering meat smoking and grilling demonstrations throughout the weekend with FREE delicious samples!

  • Lodge Cast Iron Cookware - No outdoor camping experience would be complete without food; scrambled eggs, biscuits, chili and even pineapple-upside down cake all cooked over an open flame! Lodge has been the leader in outdoor cooking for over 100 years and folks from the Lodge Corporation will be on-site all weekend with cooking demonstrations, free sampling and recipes for everyone.

  • Bounty Hunter - Bounty Hunter will be back this year with their popular metal detecting demos and again allow participants of Outdoor Days to hunt with their equipment for coins and other metals on the course! Along with the regular annual activities this village offers, this year you won't want to miss the opportunity to meet the stars of Dig Wars!

  • Stansport - Don't forget to stop by this village for not only a peek at their products, but also a bit of gold-panning for your very own treasure!

  • BioLite - Thermal Electric Stoves will be on display and their capabilities shown by demonstrations with the making of free s'mores for participants, all under the canopy of their interactive BioLite Toyota Dyna Japanese Fire Truck!


Click the logo above to learn more about Ascend brand outdoor products!

Native American Culture & Primitive Skills Village


Take a journey back in time to an activity village that will leave you with memories of an authentic Native American spirit experience and take home an arrowhead or bracelet handmade by you to remember your time there!

This Pre-Colonial America Encampment will be located at Table Rock State Park and will host an array of Native American Dancing, Singing, Drumming, and Storytelling activities!
2017 Bonfire programs are a free opportunity reserved exclusively for Outdoor Days at Table Rock Lake overnight organization, family, and individual campers.

Native American Primitive Skills and Culture Programs:

  • Spear & Hoop Interactive Demonstrations
  • Traditional Hand-Games
  • "Feather Respect"; Feather Care & Crafting
  • Traditional Applique & Buckskin Costume Demonstrations
  • Flute Making & Playing Demonstrations
  • Grass Dancing Lessons
  • Traditional Birchwood Canoe Building and Demonstrations
  • Bamboo Blow Gun Making and Demonstrations
  • Authentic Primitive Life and Household 
  • Traditional Pow Wows  
  • And Much More!

On Saturday Afternoon, join us for an authentic teepee breakdown and reconstruction demonstration!
Hands-on opportunities to assist the Native American Troupe Enactors during this program will be granted to pre-selected Royal Rangers, Boy Scouts, and Girl Scouts.


Retriever & Dive Dog Demonstration Village

Simpson Creek Farms


Simpson Creek Farms specializes in training retrievers for use as gun dogs and pets and during the Outdoor Days at Table Rock Lake event, they will be conducting retriever demonstrations.

There will be duck blinds with decoys set up as if an authentic duck hunt were in play! Participants will have the opportunity to climb in the blind, blow a duck call, and point a wooden silhouette of a gun as a fake duck is launched out in front of the blind with a report; then the participant can send a real retriever into the water after their duck!
Our retrievers are trained to make a big water entry, grab the duck and retrieve back to the handler; this is a very neat and realistic experience for youth and individuals who have never duck hunted before!



Pre-1840's Mountain Man Rendezvous Primitive Skills Village

Stroll through an authentic Pre-1840’s Mountain Man Village Encampment hosted by the James River Rendezvous featuring over 40 Authentic Campsites and discover how families lived, ate, and worked during that era.

Throughout the weekend there will be over 30 Pre-1840's Outdoor Skill Demonstrations including:

  • Beading
  • Wood Carving
  • Blacksmithing
  • Atlatl Throwing
  • Blow Gun Range
  • Tomahawk & Knife Throwing
  • Moccasin Making
  • Gourd & Stick Weaving
  • Rug Weaving
  • Canoe Building & Paddle Carving
  • Corn Grinding
  • Primitive Games Including Hoop Trundling &"Possible Bag"
  • Flint Knapping & Primitive Fire Starting
  • Flute Playing
  • Pipe Making
  • Primitive Archery
  • Bow Making
  • Skillet Tossing
  • Hide Tanning & Painting
  • Moccasin Making
  • Candle Making & Dipping
  • Soap Making
  • Cordage & Rope Making
  • Spoon & Pipe Making
  • Weaving, Knitting, Spinning, & Quilting
  • Dutch-oven Cooking & Baking (FREE SAMPLES!)
  • ...And many more!

A Pre-1840's Mercantile Shop, "Raw Hide" Candy & Soda Tent, and a Trapper Trading Post will include items for purchase including;
era-clothing, toys, beads, jewelry, leather crafts, hides, tools, knives, lanterns, furniture, ice-cold root beer & sassafras drinks, specialty candies, and much more!

(With the holidays quickly approaching, this is an ideal Outdoor Days Village to stroll through for your unique gifting options!)

Compete in an authentic Pre-1840's "Skillet Throwing Contest" on Saturday Afternoon, September 10th 2016 at 2 PM!
Registration: Saturday, September 12th; 9 AM - 1 PM (required)
Competition Check In: Saturday, September 12th; 12:40 PM - 12:50 PM

Sponsored by:
Bass Pro Shops 
Lodge Cast Iron Cookware 

First, Second, and Third Place Prize Skillets Awarded in Four Height Divisions:
Male Division 4'5 and Under
Male Division 4'6 and Above
Female Division 4'5 and Under
Female Division 4'6 and Above

All ages, backgrounds, and fitness levels are welcome to compete!




Famous Dave's Legendary Pit Bar-B-Que will be available for purchase during Ozarks Outdoor Days!

A portion of the profits will go to our Ozarks Outdoor Days Wildlife and Natural Resource Conservation Partners!

Click here to visit the Branson, Missouri Chamber, Convention, and Visitors Bureau to explore all that Branson, Missouri and Table Rock Lake has to offer and begin making plans now for your
Bass Pro Shops Ozarks Outdoor Days Vacation!