Conservation Department

 Outdoor Days Saint Charles
St. Charles, Missouri

Event Date & Time: Saturday, August 26th 2016; 10 AM - 4 PM

Event Venue: Frontier Park; Saint Charles, Missouri


Outdoor Days Saint Charles, MO is an opened to the public, annual FREE event, complete with an array of diverse outdoor activities with a special emphasis that coincides with the yearly theme of the Missouri/Mississippi River Connection Collaborative;
the 2015 theme was "Year of Fishing", the 2016 theme was "Year of Birding", and the 2017 theme is "Year of Camping".  


The partnership between the Bass Pro Shops Conservation Department, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Department of Natural Resources, the Missouri State Parks, and the Missouri Department of Conservation brings with it a vast multitude of opportunities for participants to enjoy along the Missouri riverfront in Saint Charles, Missouri. 

The 2017 event will host an array of hunting, fishing, and camping themed activities, programs, display interaction, demonstrations, and shows including:

  • Casting Activities with Inflatable Ponds, Pools, "Backyard Bass", and "Bass Buckets"
  • Daisy Inflatable Shooting Ranges 4-H National Shooting Sports & Western Heritage
  • Aquarium Viewing Pools, Turtle Pond Wishing Wells, and "Bass Tubs Oklahoma" Spotlighting Missouri River Fish and Aquatic Life
  • Bank Fishing, Bow Fishing, and Fly Fishing Lessons by MDC and Bass Pro Shops Professional Anglers
  • Kayaking, Paddle Boarding, and Canoeing in a 15,000 Gallon Ascend Pool
  • Missouri River Native Fish Carving, Filleting, and Frying-Missouri Department of Conservation
  • Dutch Oven and Pie Iron Cooking and Baking-Missouri State Parks, a Division of the Department of Natural Resources
  • Silver Fin Cooking Demonstrations and Asian Carp Awareness Lessons;
    University of Missouri's Student and Professor Carp Initiative Group
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Water Patrol Boat and Mascots "Bobber Dog" and "Fisher Pelican"
    w/ Water Safety and Life Jacket Awareness
  • Tracker and Ranger Fishing Boats, Bow Fishing Boats, and Pontoons
  • "CAMO" the Conservation Clown
  • Redington, Rio, & Sage Interactive Fly Tying Trailer
  • Wildlife and Natural Resource Village;
    America's Wildlife Museum and Aquarium/Audubon Society/Great Rivers Greenway/
    Treehouse/U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service/National Park Service
  • Live Animals; Owls/Hawks/Salamanders/Newts/Frogs/Snakes/Alligators
  • Bass Pro Shops NASCAR #14 Show Car and Trailer
  • Japanese Gyotaku and much more!

Continue to visit this page for 2017 Saint Charles, MO Outdoor Days event updates and probable opportunities for
FREE group and family camping at Frontier Park!

Photos below were taken and submitted by our 2015 Saint Charles, MO Outdoor Days Participants!